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A Letter To The Community

Dear Solution-Driven Change Community:

At Solution-Driven Change, we condemn bigotry in any form. We have zero tolerance for hate speech, injustice, discrimination, or racism. We support Black voices and outcries against inequality.

Systemic racism exists within the healthcare system and within the communities and patient populations we serve. Black individuals are more likely to experience serious mental illness and more likely to receive inadequate treatment. We can and must do better. 

The ugly reality of racism that persists, continues to result in deadly consequences and repeated trauma for Black Americans. Murder is wrong. Abuse of power is wrong. Persistent and selected targeting of people of color for harassment, beating, and death is wrong. 

The crisis of systemic racism In America is something that demands attention and action from all of us. Silence is complicity. As members of the psychology community, we state clearly that Solution-Driven Change stands in solidarity with those whose lives are impacted by police brutality and with those who are speaking out publicly about injustice. That includes confronting how all of us have consciously or unconsciously internalized the biases and prejudices that are part of our society. It also means uncovering our own personal blind spots, that if not confronted, can cause harm to others. 

Although the gravity of the injustice is immense, we believe in the power of the American community, the possibility that comes when we work together the American way, and that love will always overcome hate. We believe then we can shape our world to be a more kind, tolerant, and accepting place and are committed to being part of the solution. 

In peace and love,

Barry Slone, Ph.D.