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Overcoming Adversity

No one searches for adversity. Bad things happen and we find ourselves in painful places…like now. COVID-19  has dispenced heartache and challenges to us all that many of us do not have the skills to work through.

I strive to help people learn what to do to prevent their lives from spiraling out of control when they encounter traumatic events that threaten safety, emotions, health, relationships, or careers. I guide people to learn and develop resilience by combining scientific research with an understanding of our emotional and spiritual lives. I think of it as Emotional PPE’s (personal protective equipment.)

Last year a young man in group therapy who had begun life in an abusive family, and as a teenager had little to hope for, described for the group how he had overcome his childhood adversity. He had managed to get not only a bachelors’ degree, but also a master’s degree in his chosen field, was happily married, and owned a modest home. Other group members shook their heads in disbelief when they heard his painful life story and referred to him as “one of the lucky ones.” Yet luck should be associated with winning the lottery, not with overcoming adversity. Surviving, even thriving after adversity is never based on luck.

I work with individuals, couples, and families to learn and develop resilience. My mission is to provide hands-on tools, skills, strategies, and guidance to help you learn and use 5 critical core character strengths – forgiveness, courage, perspective, persistence, and hope – to survive and reduce emotional suffering and unbearable losses, manage feelings, and respond to devastating events with the skills to seek healthy coping options and change lives for the better.

Today and those approaching, we especially need forgiveness, courage, perspective, perseverance, and hope. Soon we will step out from behind our masks. We will look each other in the eye instead of the camera. We will clink glasses. We will exchange hugs. We will travel again. Until then, stay healthy, and stay positive.