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Everything starts and ends in your brain. How your mind works determines how happy you are, how healthy you are, how successful you feel, and how well you interact with others. The patterns of your mind encourage you toward success, or cause you to struggle in mediocrity, or worse. Learning how to focus and direct your mind is one of the most important ingredients of a healthy and successful life, love, and career.

As a Solution-Driven psychologist, I specialize in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a focused, evidence based problem solving psychotherapy, highly effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress, panic, anger, substance use problems and relationship distress. This approach is also well-suited to help individuals and couples overcome the damages caused to their lives by addictions, abuse, trauma, and dysfunctional relationships.

CBT is one of the few forms of psychotherapy that has been scientifically tested and found to be effective in hundreds of clinical trials and for many different problems. In contrast to other forms of therapy, CBT is more focused on the present (including how the past has influenced the present), more time-limited, more problem-solving, and generates concrete and specific tools you can use in your life immediately.

THE IMPORTANCE OF HOMEWORK IN SOLUTION-DRIVEN CHANGE | Homework is an important component of Solution Driven Change. Developed collaboratively during therapy sessions, homework assignments may be used to rehearse new skills, practice coping strategies, and restructure destructive beliefs. Although some patients believe that the effectiveness of psychotherapy depends on the quality of in-session work, research indicates consistent homework during the rest of the week may be even more important. Without homework, the insights, plans, and good intentions that emerge during a therapy session are at risk of being buried by patterns of negative thinking and behavior that have been strengthened through years of inadvertent rehearsal. Ask yourself, "Is an hour of therapeutic work enough to create change during the other 167 hours in a week?"


  • Emotional Regulation Skills: understanding emotions and reducing vulnerability to them, incorporating self-care, opposite action and building positive experience.
  • Distress Tolerance Skills: Building frustration tolerance, utilizing crisis survival strategies and plans.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills: Balance in relationships, objective, relationship and self-respect effectiveness.
  • How to Respond to Your Inner Critic
  • How to Cultivate a State of Mind That Releases the Anxious Mind
  • Ways to Channel Anxious Energy Toward Skillful Behaviors
Learn more about Solution-Driven Change and the CBT Model of Treatment
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Client Testimonials

Dr. Slone's approach challenges you to be involved in the assessment of the topic being discussed. You don't just listen but you participate (e.g. homework assignments). I equate this to a good personal trainer where its challenging, but you feel much better for it. I highly recommend Dr. Slone.

Paul L., as published on

Dr. Slone provides excellent, effective, compassionate care in a non-judmental, supportive patient-centered environment. His treatment approach is supported by current research and informed by his extensive experience. When I was at a very low point in my life, I worked with him both in individual therapy and conjoint therapy (marriage counseling). The result was life-changing, positive growth and a vastly improved quality of life. We also now have the tools to resolve issues as they arise and our marriage is thriving. Dr. Slone is smart, professional, and attentive. Another plus is his sense of humor. I highly recommend him and will always be grateful for his help.

as published on

Dr. Barry Sloane is a brilliant, compassionate and experienced psychotherapist. He is professional, caring and understanding. I needed to make some monumental changes in my life and felt stuck, not knowing how or when to make my next step. Through CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I was able to see clearly what needed to happen and I broke through the fear to make that happen. In fact, I have made many positive changes leading to important personal and professional growth. Dr. Sloane is patient, kind and calmly responds to my needs; helping me to help myself. His office is warm, comfortable and beautifully decorated. Without a moment's hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone.

as published on

I have seen many counselors in the past 10 years, mainly to learn to cope with life's events. Dr Slone is one of the best out there, and I'm happy to have found someone really good close in my area. He is very organized, and tackles your problems in a very structured manner. He also gives you homework and things to think about for the following sessions which I loved. Not only did it make me think about things from a different perspective, but it also helped me learn how to cope up with things in general and saw myself grow a lot as a result of that.. I would very very highly recommend him if you are looking for a counselor, no matter the topic or main issues!

Kari F., as published on